Wiimote-based Interaction

User Interaction Evaluation, 2010

Since recent years, interaction in a three-dimensional space has become a hot topic in user interface design. During my stay in Copenhagen, Denmark, I was part of a project team that compared three different Wiimote-based interaction techniques in different categories such as: ease of use, efficiency, and fun. In order to be able to conduct a user study we had to design and program a visualization: A three-dimensional space with movable and rotatable cubes.

We used a combination of qualitative (e.g., interviews) and quantitative (e.g., log-files) evaluation methods to compare three different interaction techniques for object manipulation, namely: Single Wiimote, Dual Wiimote: Spinning-Top, and Dual Wiimote: Distributed Control.

All findings and our evaluation methods are described in great detail in this paper. Also, we made the source code publicly available at a Google Code repository.


Markus Petschnigg, Moritz Resl, Anders Spaelling, Paul Sommersguter

Wiimote-based Interaction User Evaluation