Visualization, 2011

Skatepath is a collaborative and artistic approach for visualizing covered distances by skating in Vienna.

The process works as follows: Periodically gathered positions are stored on a Global Positioning System (GPS) sensor mounted on the skateboard. This dataset can then be uploaded to and automatically evaluated on the project’s website. Based upon various parameters such as home address and velocity, colored lines connect the previously stored GPS-locations. To foster a playful way of experiencing and exploring urban space as well as strengthening the bonds within the skateboard community itself, a three-dimensional structure with its own aesthetics and perceivable identity is generated.

With Skatepath, a logo is generated for a fictional annual skateboard event in Vienna. Visually commenting the skateboard scene in Vienna, Skatepath is an ever-growing construct whose evolution and appearance can be influenced anytime by the skateboard community itself.


Moritz Resl, Paul Sommersguter


Markus Petschnigg


The XX – “Crystalized”

How Skatepath Works